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Business Meeting

1. Project Assessment

Onsite or Zoom Meeting

A licensed real estate broker will share with you a combination of land for sale and floor plan that, when built, will bring you the best return on investment.


2. Pick a Floorplan & Create Mood Boards.

Most investors just care about their ROI and don't have time to design the interior of a home.  They leave it in our capable hands to create a look that buyers will love and you sign off on it.

House Frames
Architect on Building Site

3. Choose Contractors

We provide you the bids we've received from each contractor.  You approve the final budget and sign the bids from contractors.

4. Get Your Permits

During the same time period when we're creating the mood boards, we're drawing up the permit paperwork for you.

It's important for us to start this process as soon as possible since it typically takes the longest. 

A set of open and rolled up blueprints on wooden table background with a pencil, a ruler a

5. We Order Materials and Schedule Deliveries

Many products and materials are months out for delivery and need ordered as soon as possible in order to keep a build on schedule.

We will inform you of these items and get the orders ready for you to pay for.  Then we'll schedule the deliveries and coordinate a contractor to be there to receive them.

6. We Manage the Process

We confirm with contractors that they're going to show up and finish when they're scheduled to.  We follow up with suppliers to ensure that deliveries are on time and with inspectors to keep them on schedule for inspections.

Businesswoman on Phone
selling a new home.jpg

7.  You Receive the Occupancy Permit

Your home is ready to sell.  This is when final payment for our services are due.   A real estate broker you choose will list the home for sale.


STOP BY AND SEE US OR CALL (360) 940-3151

Man Signing

What Is Our Fee?

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