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We turn your idea into permit-ready blueprints.  Best local price....guaranteed!

How This Works

Schedule an initial meeting with our designer and discuss your plans.  If you've drawn them exactly how you want, we'll get the engineering done and turn them into Washington State permit-ready blueprints.  If you haven't drawn anything but have ideas, we'll brainstorm with you.

Once the interior design is approved, we work on the exterior elevations.  You are allowed 2 changes to the elevations, free of charge.

After the initial meeting, a 50% deposit is due and the work starts.  Within a few days, we will email you preliminary drawings of the interior to look at.  You are allowed 2 changes during this process, free of charge.

Once the final design is approved, we send it to engineering.  They will make their marks and stamp the appropriate pages.  Some plans require more engineering than others.

A set of open and rolled up blueprints on wooden table background with a pencil, a ruler a

Total Cost

$1.95/sq ft includes engineering.  Your blueprints will be permit-ready.

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