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FLAT FEE New Home Build Management

SAVE MONEY, TIME & STRESS When We Manage Your Home Build.

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Floorplan Freedom

We manage the build of any floorplan.

Local Service

Our office is downtown Castle Rock, Washington.

We Do It All

We manage the build from land clearing to occupancy.

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Relax!  We Love Paperwork, Deadlines & Budgets.

The Construction Management Group of Washington manages home builds for General Contractors, Investors & Land Owners all for a FLAT FEE!

  • Do you help me with a preliminary Cost to Build budget?  YES!

  • Do you fill out my permit paperwork?  YES!

  • Do you guide me through land clearing and site prep? YES!

  • Do you help me with my site plan?  YES!

  • Do you help me with financing paperwork?  YES!

  • Do you get all the bids & manage contractors?  YES!

  • Do you help me design a floorplan? YES!

  • Do you help me choose finishes?  YES!

  • Do you help me order materials?  YES!

  • Do you schedule deliveries?  YES!

  • Do you ensure my contractors show up?  YES!

  • Can I do parts of the build that I'm qualified to do in order to save money?  YES!

  • Do you keep my build on budget & finished on time?  YES & YES! 


What People Say

"I buy the land, you manage the build and I keep the money when it sells. Works for me." - Real Estate Investor
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Search 29,000 customizable floorplans.  Or bring any custom floorplan you have.  We manage the build of any floorplan.  Yes, we work with an engineer who will get any floorplan ready for building permits in Washington State.

These load best on a desktop computer

Keep Track of Your Build Wherever You're At Any Time of Day or Night

We use the #1 construction management software to bring you an easy, mobile way of keeping track of your build and our work 24/7.


01. Watch the Schedule

We will create a schedule to ensure that each part of the job is completed on time.  Not only will you see the schedule in the app but so will each of the contractors.  They will know who is next in line and how much time they have to complete their job. Plus, we use push notifications to confirm that each contractor and delivery is on time.

02. Watch the Build Develop

Each contractor will upload photos of their work so that you can watch the build unfold right before your eyes. 

03. Watch the Budget

You will see the entire budget and where the money is going. When it's time for you to pay a contractor or for materials, we will send you their invoice and a reminder to pay it.  Ultimately, since the build contracts are between you and the contractor, not us, you're responsible for getting these invoices paid in a timely manner.

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What Is Our Fee?

Electric Saw

Yes!  Your Home Will Have a Warranty!

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