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This program is for those who want a more hands-on approach to getting a custom home built.  Because of that you'll save money but you'll also be responsible for a few things. 

Construction Engineer


After every step in the build you will have a walk-through to inspect the contractors work.  This is when you'll measure the door and window openings, check for missing caulk around trim inside and outside, look for holes in drywall, etc.  The county will ensure during their inspections that the building is solid and meets building codes but design inspection is up to you.

  • Deliveries

There are times when a contractor will need something, like more grout for tiling or another 2x10 board in order to finish a job.  Typically a General Contractor will run to the store and grab it but in this case, you're acting as the GC so you're responsible for that.

Delivery Boxes in a Truck
Digging at Construction Site
  • Coordinate Utility Installation

You are responsible for finding and hiring dirt work people to dig utility trenches as well as coordinate with the plumber, electrician, Public Works department so that your home is connected to a septic system, water, power, gas, propane, telephone, internet, etc.

  • Jobsite Cleanup

You're responsible for disposing of excess cut lumber pieces left over from framing, roofing and siding debris cleanup, removing boxes from finishes once installed, window cleaning and basic construction cleanup.  The easiest way to do this is to have a large dumpster on the jobsite.  When that happens many times the contractors will throw their debris into it.  If there's no dumpster then debris will be left all over the jobsite.

Construction Workers
Construction Workers


ADD-ON A "HANDS OFF" SERVICE (cleanup not included)

An experienced On-Site Manager will meet contractors and do all the walk-throughs with you so that nothing is missed, ensure windows, doors, walls, are framed according to plan so that everything will fit once delivered, be on site for deliveries that require someone be there and look them over just in case something is broken or missing, pickup non-deliverable last minute items a contractor needs, (within a reasonable distance) coordinate dirt work and utility installation and be there when the county inspector shows up for questions and any issues that arise.

This service is an additional $5,000. and covers your entire build from foundation digout dirtwork to final inspection. 


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