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1. Set Your Budget, Pick a Floorplan & Design Your Home

We cover all budgeting and design at once so that we know exactly what you're looking for and can help keep your build on budget.  This meeting is held in our office or via Zoom, it's up to you.  We prefer it in our office. :0)

You will upload finish ideas into our Design Portal (we will send you the link once you become a client) and we'll use that information to ensure the finishes that we help you shop for are exactly what you want.


2. Property Assessment

Onsite Meeting

A Project Coordinator will meet you at your property to get a scope of the entire project....where the house, driveway, out buildings, drain field, septic and well will sit.

Farmer in Field
Architect on Building Site

3.  Approve the Budget

We provide the bids we've received from contractors to our client and they approve the final budget we present.  If our client has the skillset to put in sweat equity or has a skilled friend they want to get a bid from, they can.  They will use the amount on the budget as a guide for how much they can save if they do the work themselves or how much to pay a contractor they choose in order to stay on budget.  

Our client signs the contracts with each contractor and we submit them to the contractors as binding, legal start cards.  We add the contractors to the job and they now have access to the job details via the app.  They will upload photos of their work to the app so that the owner (our client) can follow along with their progress.

4. We Fill Out Your Permit Paperwork

During the same time period that you're finalizing blueprints, we're filling out the permit  paperwork for you. 

It's important for us to start this process as soon as possible since it typically takes the longest. 

A set of open and rolled up blueprints on wooden table background with a pencil, a ruler a

5. We Order Materials and Schedule Deliveries

Many products and materials are months out for delivery and need ordered as soon as possible in order to keep a build on schedule.

We will inform our client of these items, get the orders ready to be paid for by our clients and schedule the future deliveries.

6. We Manage the Process

We confirm with contractors that they're going to show up when they're scheduled to.  We follow up with suppliers to ensure that deliveries are on time and with inspectors to keep them on schedule for inspections.

Businesswoman on Phone
House visit

7.  You Receive the Occupancy Permit

Woohoo!  Your home is ready to move into.  Our job is now complete and we have another happy client. 


STOP BY AND SEE US OR CALL (360) 940-3151

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What Is Our Fee?

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